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Feel More Alive With the Convenient Wellness Services of
My Store Without Walls


Nutrition & Lifestyle Guidance

Education · Empowerment  ·  Better Choices   
Healthier Lifestyle  ·  Disease Prevention  ·  Longer Life 

A healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet, dietary supplements and other natural therapies, staying active, and mindful self-care, can prevent and alleviate many health concerns. My transformational services are designed to enhance your ability to maintain quality of life and longevity.


My Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Programs address a wide variety of health concerns that include: 

Achy Joints


Skin & Hair Issues

Bone Issues

Heart Concerns

Sleep Challenges



Stress & Anxiety

Digestive Issues


Hormonal Changes

20-Minute Wellness Assessments

Weekly Online or In-Person Interactive Wellness Classes
(Includes Essential Oils Education)

Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultations
Contact me for rates. Lower rates and custom appointment lengths are available, as are reduced package rates and payments through Afterpay (installments) and HSA/FSA cards. Payments can be made by Venmo, Zelle, and check.


Better Than Restaurant Quality recipes and cooking guidance to empower you to create healthy masterpieces in your own kitchen. Chef Paul and I provide delicious, fun options that are gluten - dairy- and corn- free. Other dietary accommodations available.


Grocery Store Tours

Cupboard & Home Detoxifications

Natural Therapies

Most people try to eat well and take good care of themselves, but sometimes life gets in the way. When that happens, nutritional deficiencies can develop and it can become harder for the body to function optimally. As my family did for 65 years at the Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe in Connecticut, I continue to offer a wide range of natural therapies that will fortify you when your body needs them most.

14,000+ Professional & National Retail Brand Supplements, Natural Body Care, Topicals  & Other Natural Therapies

  • Order directly from my emailed recommendations.


Beyond Organic Essential Oils & Tools

  • Complimentary Oil Consultations & Education

  • Support in Earning Passive Income or Building a Business

Services Natural Therapies.png

Private & Corporate Wellness Workshops
Public Presentations

My engaging, lively, motivating workshops, presentations, and webinars are packed with cutting-edge information and practical tips that attendees can begin to use right away. All presentations address evidence-based, supportive diet and lifestyle modifications, and dietary supplements and other natural therapies, that enable my audiences to take charge of their health and achieve quality of life and longevity.


Offerings Include:
1-Hour Workshop  ·  Half-Day Seminar  ·  Full-Day Seminar  ·  Keynote Addresses Customized Rates Will Be Provided Upon Request


Easy Access to All You Need to Reach Your Optimal Level of Wellness

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