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Obtaining Reliable Information is Your First Step Toward Greater Wellness

Knowledge Is Power!

To make the best decisions about your health and overall wellness, it is important that you have trustworthy sources of information.  Provided here are my thoroughly researched, published articles and other information that I have produced to educate my greater community since 2010.  You can search here for guidance on specific health conditions, natural therapies, and products.

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My Articles

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My Books

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The Energy Medicine Solution

Mind-Blowing Results For Living An Extraordinary Life

Chapter 3
Midlife & Menopause
Mapping Your Path to Empowerment

Amazon Best Seller


Essential Remedies For Women’s Health

Chapter 5
Systemic Candidiasis In Women
A Practical Guide to Controlling It

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Colorful Books
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My TV & Radio


The Dr. Diane Show

Transformation Talk Radio

With Dr. Diane Heydan

Midlife and Menopause: 5 Essential Steps to Mapping Your Path to Empowerment 

Kara’s Cures
Losing Weight & Reversing Pre-Diabetes

Organic Vegetables
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