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 Providing the Support You Need Through Generations of Compassionate Holistic Guidance

A Bit About Me

My Lifetime in the Holistic & Western Medicine Arenas

I grew up in Manchester, Connecticut, where my father, Michael Dworkin, PD, CCN (1928-2017), a well-respected registered pharmacist with a doctorate in pharmacy and a Connecticut licensed clinical nutritionist, purchased a Liggett-Rexall pharmacy in 1956.  In 1970, when I was 7 years old, he founded and annexed the Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe to that store and began what became a highly successful clinical nutrition practice.  After operating the shoppe for 12 years, I closed it in August 2021 due to the adverse market effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I worked with clients under my father’s guidance for 8 years.  As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Guide, I strive to empower my clients and customers with the ability to improve their quality of life and longevity through cutting-edge, evidence-based therapies.

I am deeply committed to the wellness of my customers and clients, and to that of the members of our greater community.  Drawing on extensive ongoing research and my personal life experiences, I will always address your individual needs with great care, recognizing that you may be suffering from an acute or chronic condition, and possibly one that has not been diagnosed despite numerous medical evaluations and lab tests. I will customize my recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes, and dietary supplements and other natural therapies, to ensure that your experience is transformational. If appropriate, I will make referrals to my large network of holistic practitioners that heal with other modalities.

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How I Differ from Registered Dietitians

Connecticut Law & Board Certification

  • The state of Connecticut licenses RDs/RDNs to provide
    nutrition guidance.


  • Connecticut law authorizes me to provide
    personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs.
    To become board certified by the Holistic Nutrition
    Counseling Board (HNCB) of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), and maintain my board certification, I:


    • Passed an exam that addressed both general RD disciplines and broader holistic healing modalities.

    • Worked 7,500 hours with customers and clients to promote their nutrition education and ability to heal.

    • Starting in 2010, wrote scientifically researched nutrition articles on a wide variety of topics for Natural Nutmeg Magazine. Topics included menopause, inflammation, cardiovascular health, digestive conditions (candidiasis, IBS), and autoimmune diseases.

    • Earn annual Continuing Education Credits. 

Government Guidelines vs Holistic Healing Guidelines

  • RDs follow government nutrition guidelines and do not view dietary supplements as valid, advantageous elements of evidence-based nutrition therapy.  With certain conventional lifestyle changes, they focus mainly on how food can support wellness.  Government guidelines apply to broad populations and emphasize the relatively low nutrient levels that are required to prevent disease.


  • With a lifetime in the holistic health and Western medicine arenas, I also have over 13 years of formal experience empowering thousands of clients and customers.  The holistic nutrition guidelines I follow, and my recommendations of dietary supplements and diet changes, focus on nutrient levels that can optimize wellness for each individual. When appropriate and welcome, I incorporate other healing principles and energy medicine referrals into my guidance.  


Where We Work

    RDs tend to work in private and public health care, and in the relatively rigid arenas of the food industry and corporate wellness. Without any government or institutional restrictions, I operate outside of these arenas due to my less conventional approach to wellness.

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A Bit About My Personal Wellness Journey

My childhood was plagued with sinus infections and rounds of antibiotics. This led to my father diagnosing me in my early 20s with a systemic overgrowth of the fungus candida albicans.  Although I appeared healthy, I actually suffered from a wide range of ailments. Thankfully, my father’s regimen of nutritional supplements and dietary restrictions turned my life around.


Fast forward to my early 40s, a decade that introduced a whole new set of equally mystifying challenges and another head-spinning journey.  Six years after my husband died suddenly, I found myself at age 45 in the middle of what felt like a premature midlife hurricane. I suffered with hot flashes, night sweats, slowed metabolism and weight gain, self-doubt, exhaustion, reduced libido, anxiety, depression, and cerebral difficulties.

I now can see the map of my midlife path and know that I am incredibly fortunate to have overcome many daunting adversities.  I am amazed that I emerged so whole after job losses, unexpected career changes, and the deaths of both of my parents, two very special employees, two fur-babies, and my family’s 65-year-old visionary nutrition center. My parallel spiritual journey is the main thing that carried me to my current hopeful world of self-realization and unlimited possibilities.  


Having traveled these very bumpy roads, I am able to empower you to step onto your own wellness path, to begin moving toward your optimal levels of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Please feel free to connect with me anytime for wellness guidance, product recommendations, practitioner referrals, a Complimentary 20-Minute Wellness Assessment, or a nutrition and lifestyle consultation.  I can’t wait to support you on your wellness journey!

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NOW is the Best Time to Take Your Next Step Toward Greater Wellness

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